Born and raised in Mexico City. Guillermo felt in love with tequila at an early age after visiting a distillery with his father. His family had a private blend they bottled each year for holiday and Christmas presents. Studied culinary art and worked as a chef in Paris where he developed a talent creating occasions and products that make beautiful rich experiences. He Perfected his craft in the world of Spirits by becoming the second certified “Maestro Tequilero “ in the world by the Academia Mexicana de catadores de tequila, vino y mezcal. During his endevours in the liquor industry he has developed four unique agave brands among El Pintor and Fat Ass. His Brands  embrace a unique style and category. Guillermo’s creations have yield over thirty-two international awards but most important he has been eable to create a rich and unique experience for the consumer with each one of his brands.


Born in Guadalajara Jalisco. Juan Pablo is the mastermind behind Tequila Specialist founded in 1997. Responsible for the introduction of hundreds of brands of Tequila into the USA market including popular brands like Tres Agaves, Casa Noble, Clase Azul, 30-30 and Oro Azul. His never-ending search for great tequila tasting profiles has expanded in recent years into other agave based spirits like Raicilla, Bacanora, Sotol and Mezcal. Firmly adhered to his company mission, he has build-up an unparalell portfolio of agave spirits under one import and distribution company. In 1997 the European community gave official recognition to Mexico as the place of origin of Tequila. In that same year he completed a bachelors degree in Business Administration and founded Tequila Specialist.  A niche Tequila company and first of its kind, commited to provide the largest variety of agave spirits under one company.