JALISCO - Tequila Anejo  possess a proprietary “Consistency of Character” through an extraordinary blend and secret “engineered process”. Our 120-year-old copper stills add character in the process and a high percentage of heads & tails are taken out only using the heart of each distillation. Rested for 18 months in bourbon barrels and bottled at 82_Proof makes this an exeptional tasting profile. Unlike glass bottles, the ceramic decanter allows the distilled spirit to evolve over time. The Ceramic homogenizes volatile particles and disperses into a fluid state smoothing and settling the tasting profile furthermore.  


TASTING NOTES: The mindset here was to produce the truest form of Aged-Tequila, emphasizing on keeping a high-agave taste profile and mantain balance with the complexity added by our whisky barrels. A mature aroma balanced with citrus and sweet cooked-agave. Enticing layers of caramel and almond undertones.