sotol - chihuahuan dessert 

SOTOL Distilleries are called Vinatas.

While tequila is known worldwide, Sotol is a connoisseur delight and one of Mexico´s best kept secrets. It is an extraordinarily pure spirit with its own denomination of origin, highly valued for its rich flavors.

It is an organic agave, wild-harvested in the Chihuahuan Desert of Northern Mexico which takes 15 years to mature. In the desert’s harsh climate, only the strongest and healthiest plants survive this natural selection process. Maturing on the mountainsides, the plant stores vast amounts of natural energy before it is ready to be harvested. No herbicides, no insecticides, no fertilizers.

Each bottle contains the distilled nectar of an estimated 15-year-old plant, providing the richest agave scent and flavor one can find in a Sotol.

From there, José Daumas “Pepe”, our in-house master distiller, who received his Master’s degree in enology at the world renowned École Nationale Supérieure Agronomique de Montpellier, France and whose résumé includes a plethora of well-respected brands such as Martell, Larsen & Moet Chandon, meticulously oversees our state of the art production process which starts by slow steam cooking the wild-harvested plants, naturally ferment them with champagne yeast and  distilled  in a double-column copper  still.