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MEZCAL JOVEN Puntagave is produced in the region of  Yautepec Oaxaca where our fully mature Espadin agaves are cooked in a traditional earth pit for 3 days. We use the Tahona stone ancestral method to extract the juice from the cooked agave and naturally ferment each batch with our own proprietary yeast. Fermentation takes place on wooden open-tanks for 15 days.The Artisanal line of Puntagave is bottled in a handmade ceramic decanter and our corks are made with the aged and cured corks we use in our barrels. Unlike glass bottles, the ceramic decanter allows the distilled spirit to evolve over time. The Ceramic homogenizes volatile particles and disperses into a fluid state smoothing and settling the tasting profile furthermore. 


Tasing Notes:  Puntagave has many layers of dried sweet fruits (dates and raisins), hazelnuts, sweets cedar and hints of standing in a flower mist. In the background are the dark herbaceous hints of tarragon and a bit of nutmeg. Puntagave Artesanal goes the extra mile and intensive labor of cleaning the volcanic rocks used to bake the pineapples in order to avoid being overpowered by oak.